The Incredible

“…A Woman Transformed into Twinkling Stars…”

The Incredible - David Gray

The Incredible – David Gray

The incredible is approaching from over there
It won’t leap past us
Won’t be left in a dark vale
To watch it go

I chose to do this image simply because I love David Gray’s voice and this song. So many of his songs draw images in my head, I may have to do a David Gray series. I picture the “dark vale” in this song as a veil and not a vale. I had never seen the word spelled that way and so didn’t know what the meaning was (had to look it up – “A long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river.”) Regardless, each time I listened, I pictured the other veil, which I think also makes sense, because that is what you wear when someone has died, when you watch someone or something go, and so that is what you see in my image. In any case, I am so glad his voice hasn’t changed since his last cd and I am so proud to create an image of his brilliant song “The Incredible.”

Listen below. Thank you David!!