Update on Kickstarter

I am about 10% funded thus far!  Thanks to those that have contributed.  Your faith and belief in me is beyond words!  If this campaign fails, I have applied to a few different grants.  If those don’t come through, maybe I am meant to make this a reality in some other way.  Being an artist isn’t about how I create, it’s about the road I am on to express myself.  This project is a destination.  It doesn’t matter how I reach it, I just need to begin the journey. Brooke Shaden says that we “let the emotion of the experience translate into an indescribable, yet brilliantly articulate masterpiece,” and that this is our muse.  This is who we are.  I know this project is a joining of my emotion and my reason, which will make the final outcome as honest as it can be.

I have purchased a used Canon full frame off of Ebay and a used tripod, both light years better than what I have been using thus far.  It is time to get a lens, pick up that new camera and see what happens as I step on the path to the road of this new project.  I hope you will all go on this journey with me!