I know this is probably a strange and morbid way to start off a blog, but I often think about when I was little, and my brother and sister and I would talk about which would be worse, being blind or deaf? I think most people would probably say that being blind would be worse, which seems logical to me since I think it would be so much harder to learn to function in life without being able to see. However, when I think about it, I am not always sure that being deaf wouldn’t be worse. I know, this is a terribly morose subject, but I think it makes me realize how big a factor music is in my life. It enriches everything I do. As a child, I would sit in my room for hours and hours listening to music. One vinyl record after another, looking at the covers, reading along with the lyric books, looking at the pictures on the inside. I remember one album in particular (I’m not saying which since that would divulge my age and I dont know you well enough for that yet) that had separate 8.5 x 11 different colored sheets of paper for every song, and I’m fairly sure it was a double album, each with the lyrics and a drawing. In high school, two girlfriends and I saved money for a year for a trip through Europe. We were to be gone for a month. At the last minute, I took all that money and spent it on a new stereo. They were so mad at me for that, as was the Swedish boy that I had met over the summer that was expecting a visit from me. I remember a lot about him but the thing I remember the most was the way he pronounced Edgar Winter’s name (Edge-ga Veenta).

Pink Floyd - "Time"

Pink Floyd – “Time”

Anyway, what this is all leading up to is that music, songs, certain lines, have always put a vivid image in my head. An image that occurs every time I listen. Photography frees these images from my head and helps me to bring them to life. To finally get them out. There are so many in there, swirling around, and more are added every day with all the new music I search out and all the incredible artists out there creating it. Since I can’t draw or paint, my camera allows me to unleash these images that have been in my head for so long!! With each photo I create, a little weight is lifted. It is as if I have to get them out.

I think that is enough for now. I hope you enjoy the pictures that have come out of my head thanks to so many unbelievable song writers and musicians. Each photo is from a certain line or combination of lines in a song. Sometimes, I’ll label the photos with the name of the song but not the line, sometimes I’ll give the line if I think the photo is obscure. Hopefully, you will listen to the song, or if you already know it, guess which line I have brought to life. Please leave a comment if you think you know the line or lines I have recreated. I would love to hear from you!! Maybe you don’t care and just like looking at the images. That’s okay too.

Please check back when you can, as I will try to post something new as often as possible, and to all the musicians, song writers, composers, and singers out there, thank you for making my life so full and please don’t stop!

Artist: Pink Floyd
Song: Time
Models:  Danielle Webster, Andrew Schumacher