Better Than

“Better than being some fool’s bride
Better than pretending to know what’s wrong and what’s right”

Image by Angie Rucker

Better Than – Lake Street Dive

Sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you instead of your head, you just need to do what feels good instead of being logical or practical; sometimes, in the long term, the latter might end up being disastrous. That is what I tried to depict in this image from Lake Street Dive’s song Better Than. To me, the song is simple, it’s better to ignore what you know is right, to do something that you know is wrong. It is possible that what seems right, could turn out horrible in the long term. Of course we don’t have the privilege of knowing that ahead of time, we just have to take a leap of faith.

The image shows the “bride” running away from the fool. We can’t see him, (oftentimes, we don’t see a fool for what he/she is until it’s too late). His hat appears all around her, trying to remind her that it is the logical thing….but is it? She’s decided it isn’t, and so she runs away.

The Lake Street Dive members met at the Conservatory of Music in Boston. They have been making music for over a decade and are really becoming noticed, selling out venues and touring Europe. I am dying to see them perform live – just waiting for them to come to Columbus!!

Check out Rachael Price’s unbelievable voice. This is a bit of a mellow song, but the band can really belt it out! Thanks Lake Street Dive!!!!