Sleeps with Butterflies

Sleeps with Butterflies – Tori Amos
Model: Danielle Schumacher

My model and I had the great pleasure of going out at 7 am in 28 degree weather to shoot this image.  By the time we were finished, I think we both had frost bite, not to mention getting the kite string tangled for about ¼ mile with no scissors to cut it with.  Have you ever tried to break a nylon kite string with freezing cold fingers?  It’s like a razor blade.  After all of that, at the end of this shoot, I felt like I had accomplished what I had set out to do – capture something magical.  I felt excited and satisfied, although I had that feeling I always get that I had forgotten to do something.  This time, it was changing my shutter speed.  I don’t think as clearly as I might when I am freezing.  My hands were too cold to make the adjustment and I was trying to hurry the shoot because I figured that if I was that cold, I could only imagine how my model was feeling in a thin dress and bare feet.  So, although I captured some great images, the ones I liked the most were blurry.  It’s always a learning situation when I go out on a photo session.  And I feel so grateful that I have a fantastic daughter in law that is willing to go out on these shoots with me between her two jobs and her classes, without any form of pay at all.

I have always loved writing but sometimes it is so hard to put what you are thinking and feeling into actual words.  I think that is partly why I create these images, hoping that they will help do that for me.  Sometimes it’s just colors or movement that help me say something.  This one was so easy that way.

Tori Amos is one of those unbelievably creative artists with a sound that is so distinctive and hypnotic to me.  Especially the album this song is from – The Beekeeper.  I don’t doubt that I will probably do another one of her songs.  “Sleeps with Butterflies” is filled with images.  I think I could make ten photos from this one song.  But this is the image that appears the most often to me.  The line is:

 “…I don’t

hold on to

the tail

of your kite…”

Here is a link to Tori singing it live.  Thanks Tori!