Am still working on this series and am ready to be done with it but am not feeling like it is right or cohesive enough so am not gonna be satisfied until it’s done.  Anyway, I’ve been really drawn to the look of vintage photographs (tintypes, wet plate collodion, etc.) so am headed to an all day workshop co-hosted by Ua Chamberlain, the organizer of our photo meetup group and a pro photographer (, along with Heather Wetzel, an artist working in historic photographic processes and a lecturer at OSU.  I am looking forward to it.  Hope to post something I create if it comes out worthy 🙂

I’m not titling these images anymore.  I feel like the viewer should form their own opinion as to what they mean and what the objects represent.  Peace


You decide

Still working on my series I had originally thought I would call Sorrow but as I continued to work on it, things have changed.  I have removed a few of the photos and am working on others.  The name I have decided to change as well but not sure about that yet either.  In any case, here is another in the series.  Peace