So the first time I heard Lori McKenna was on the Acoustic Café program on public radio.  They played two songs from her Lorraine album.  Her mom’s name was Lorraine and she was named after her.  The album is a tribute to her mom who died when she was very young.  After hearing those songs, I had to hear more from Lori so after checking out her music, I found that she’s an unbelievable singer/songwriter , and although she’s a yankee, (living in Massachusetts, my home state), her country voice and style are so distinctive.  Her songs have been done by well known country artists such as Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Sara Evans, and Tim McGraw.  The song image I have created is the title track from her Lorraine album.  The album contains all tracks about her mom and her hometown.  This particular song describes a time when her mom was very sick.  It is a sad song but makes such an impact.  It paints such a vivid picture for me.  I can smell the orange peels, and see the kitchen.  The line I have attempted to create is

 “…I can see her in our living room with a smile on her face as she’s dancing to
Judy Garland, Carnegie Hall, Sunday, April 23rd,
she said her cousin had a balcony seat…”

Can’t you just picture that?


“Lorraine” by Lori McKenna
Model: Danielle Schumacher

I get such clear images from her songs.  I don’t know what it is like to have a family member die when you are young (especially your mother) but the lyrics to this song really make an impact.  Especially the line “… and that don’t mean a thing to you but it does to me.”  It is such a personal song yet it makes you think you can feel what it must have been like, just a little.

For this shot, I went to a few antique stores looking for a living room set up from the 50s.  I don’t know if that is the correct era, but it is what I picture in my head.  Nothing seemed right, and then I remembered that our Ohio Historical Society had a special 50s exhibit they were featuring with a complete house set up with all the furniture, etc.  I thought it would be perfect.  The setup didn’t end up being perfect, it wasn’t exactly what I pictured in my head, but it was definitely 50s.  It is so hard to realize that I have to accept a setting that isn’t exactly what I picture.  Maybe someday, when I am rich, I will be able to create whatever I want.  Anyway, if Lori ever sees the photo, I hope she likes it.  Thanks Lori!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM5BkV-qEJU&feature=player_detailpage – This link will play the song, but I couldn’t find a video that was good enough quality.  The line is at 0.48 seconds into the song, but listen to the whole thing if you have time!

Stay tuned…we got Tori Amos and Tears for Fears coming up.