Sleeps with Butterflies 2

When i originally created an image from this song, I said that I would no doubt do another one since this song is so full of imagery.  Well, this thought just popped into my head so I decided to try to create it.  It didn’t come out exactly as I had pictured, but then, that sometimes happens.  Sometimes I have one thing pictured but it ends up being something else, or a little different.  Anyway, my monitor also needs to be calibrated so when I look at the image on another computer, it looks all wrong.  Often I don’t know if it’s my monitor that is off or the others.  In any event…

look good from on the ground
I fear with pins and needles around…”

Sleeps with Butterflies #2 - Tori Amos

Sleeps with Butterflies #2 – Tori Amos

Here is the 1st image I created for the same song.  Sleeps with Butterflies #1


Allegany National Photographic Competition & Exhibition

I was so honored to have been selected to exhibit two of my pieces at the Allegany National Photographic Competition in Cumberland, MD in April.  There were so many unbelievably talented artists there and I had the most amazing time!  To top it all off, I was so excited and grateful to have won 1st Place! in the Effects Category for my Image “Someone New.”


The Exhibit and competition was held at the Saville Gallery  from April 9th to May 2nd and I ended up making the road trip from Columbus to Cumberland which was an easy and scenic drive.  I thought I would post a couple of the photos that I thought were amazing (even though they all were…I didn’t get a pic of all of them).  This one won the People’s Choice Award (I know they are hard to see…I took them from my phone and then they were resized after I emailed them to myself to get them on this post.)


And I really liked this one which was also in my category – called “Cat Stretch”


I met some of the nicest people!  This is a photo of Terri McNaughton with her 2nd Place Photo “At the End.”  I had such a good time talking to her about her photography and what she was working on now.  Check out her amazing work at her website


The event was so professionally presented at the beautiful Saville Gallery.  If you are ever in Cumberland, a trip to the gallery should most definitely be on your agenda.  I want to extend a huge Thank You to everyone at the gallery that worked so hard to put the event together. The place looked amazing and so professionally run. It was an amazing experience!