A New Series

I mentioned last time that I had taken a little bit of a break to clear my mind and begin on a new path.  It was time for me to make a bit of a change and so I have begun work on a new Series entitled Sorrow.  I explained about it in my last post.  I took that time to take a workshop on fine art by Jennifer Hudson.  Her introduction was so liberating.  I suddenly had the permission to not have to be constantly creating.  The permission to take a break and take a fresh, different look at my art and the art of others.  And, most importantly, what was my voice and what did I want to say with my work?  Her advice in finding out who you were as an artist was to start out by deciding first who you weren’t.  What didn’t I like, what could I look at and say, “that is definitely not me.”  And then, to look at what I was drawn to and ask myself why.   Certain pieces of art and music take my breath away.  So I have been trying to pay more attention to that.  Also, what did I want my work to say?  With this series, I hope to be able to bring to life the various forms of anguish that some people experience in their lives and are somehow still able to endure.  I will always be fascinated by that kind of strength.  They are heroes to me and this series is for them.



As George Inness says in his book Writings and Reflections on Art & Philosophy…”We cannot be impressed by that which does not  touch us.”  i hope this touches.


Juried Exhibits and a Respite

I haven’t posted in awhile; I have been busy entering quite a few Juried Photo Exhibitions.  I was lucky enough to be accepted into three different exhibits across the country:

Through My Lens – Cortland National Photography Exhibit 2015 , which is in Cortland, NY (near Syracuse), The Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Photo Exhibition in Lynchburg, VA, and Photo Now in Highland Hills, Ohio.

Cortland County LogoAcademy of Fine Arts LogoPhoto Now LogoI am so disappointed that I will only be able to attend one exhibit opening reception.  It is such a treat for me to actually be there among so many talented artists (and of course, to see if I win anything!).  Unfortunately, one being in Virginia and another in New York, I don’t see that happening. However, I will be able to attend the one in Ohio on September 8th, and am looking forward to that!  Wish me luck!!

I also decided to take a time out to recharge my imagination and start a new series.  I have finished the first image and am presently trying to decide on the series title.  It will be a series of photographs depicting the various forms of unbelievably deep sorrow that people experience in their lives.  Whether it be the tragic loss of a child, a fatal illness, neglect, mental illness, taking care of a terminally ill loved one; I am in awe of the kind of people that live through this kind of heartache and survive.  I know that I am not one of those strong people and so am so intrigued by what gives them their strength.  The first in the series is called “Disappointment.”  I am thinking I might call the series “Heroes.”  What do you think?  If you have a suggestion for the title of the Series, I would love to hear it.  Just type it in the comments.  Look for “Disappointment” in my next post.