Another in my series

I have now finished 7 images in my series Sorrow.  I ended up with two for my depiction of Lost.  Have decided to go with the 2nd one.  It just seems like her eyes look so lost to me, but I liked the first one too so am posting it here as well.  I was inspired while at the beach in Georgia.  The humid, salty air just feels right.  In any case, here are my two images of Lost.

Lost 1

Lost 1

Lost 2

Lost 2



…”I’m holding up the fire
lighting up the sky
like a lighthouse on the ocean…”

The Lighthouse by Ziggy Marley

The Lighthouse by Ziggy Marley

She IS the lighthouse.  Have you ever been someone’s something…their strength, their hope, their protector, their courage?  I know I have been on both ends of that scenario and that’s okay.  Sometimes I feel like I need someone to just be there for me. Whether to comfort me, or calm me, and to reassure me when I have so many doubts about life, about what I have done with it and what I haven’t, or just during an especially difficult period (which we all have I think).  But at the same time, I have also been the person who is there for someone else…to reassure them and to support them when they needed it…and, somehow, that is always more fulfilling.

This song, Lighthouse, by Ziggy Marley makes me think of all of those things.  I don’t know a lot of Ziggy Marley’s songs, and I certainly plan to check out more, but this one caught my ear immediately.  It’s definitely not your typical Reggae sound, although it is still unmistakably Reggae, if that’s possible.  To me, it’s a combination of different sounds, reggae, pop, even orchestral.  The musicians he has accompanying him on this cd are top notch and I love the way the keyboard sounds like violins.  The whole song sounds to me like an orchestra is backing his vocals.  Who thinks orchestra when they think of Reggae?  I do now! ..and it’s also cool how he ends the song with the line from one of his dad’s songs….”One Love.”  Awesome Reggae for the soul!  #TIU!

The Incredible

“…A Woman Transformed into Twinkling Stars…”

The Incredible - David Gray

The Incredible – David Gray

The incredible is approaching from over there
It won’t leap past us
Won’t be left in a dark vale
To watch it go

I chose to do this image simply because I love David Gray’s voice and this song. So many of his songs draw images in my head, I may have to do a David Gray series. I picture the “dark vale” in this song as a veil and not a vale. I had never seen the word spelled that way and so didn’t know what the meaning was (had to look it up – “A long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river.”) Regardless, each time I listened, I pictured the other veil, which I think also makes sense, because that is what you wear when someone has died, when you watch someone or something go, and so that is what you see in my image. In any case, I am so glad his voice hasn’t changed since his last cd and I am so proud to create an image of his brilliant song “The Incredible.”

Listen below. Thank you David!!

Ghost on the Shore

“…every eye on the coast every morn’ will remember
the sight of the ghost on the shore…”

Lord Huron’s haunting lyrics to the song Ghost on the ShoreI see the ghost as a woman, standing on a rocky shore, where “all who sail off the coast” see her.  With her billowing cape, she sings to the fishermen.  The song tells of the watery graves that lie under the earth and how the spirits come back to haunt the shore.

Ghost on the Shore - Lord Huron

Ghost on the Shore – Lord Huron

“Under the waves in the earth of an age
Lie a thousand old northerners’ graves
Deep in the night when the moon’s glowin’ bright
They come rising up into the night”

Although their latest album came out in 2012, and I didn’t discover it until the following year, they are definitely on my list of favorite bands of 2013.  Listen below to how to their lyrics paint pictures as their sound flows around you, and definitely check out their entire cd.  Looking forward to a lot more from them and hope they continue to make music!  Thanks Lord Huron!