Last Leaves of Autumn

“Oh the leaves how they shimmer
Trees lift their skirts and they quiver…”

Last Leaves of Autumn - Beth Orton

Last Leaves of Autumn – Beth Orton

Beth Orton’s Last Leaves of Autumn is the perfect song to create an image for the explosion of color that Fall brings here in Ohio. The leaves changed color and then fell so fast, I barely had time to capture them. This morning I awoke to the first snowfall…before Thanksgiving… I had caught the colors just in time!

I was drawn to this song since the first time I heard it and was waiting for the right time to create the image. The song makes me think of silence and solitude. It is haunting and beautiful. Beth has been writing songs for years. Check out her ode to Autumn with this gorgeous song. I attached the link to the studio cut because I like it the best.

Thanks Beth!