Lost and Found

Okay, so on to the next step.  After several workshops on the business of Fine Art Photography, I am now ready to move on…to take that next step.  I have taken a break and spent a long time thinking in order to come up with my next project.  I can’t just sit down and figure it out.  I have to just let life go by and things come to me.  Many nights I lay awake, absorbed and obsessed with this project.  It is all consuming and touches everything I do.  I am super excited about the prospect of taking on a new way of working, a whole new direction.  I have all the details worked out, however, this time I will be using a model, an assistant, and a location for the whole series of 12-15 photographs.  I have found some promising, really good locations here in Columbus, and am really itching to get started, however, one of the main things they emphasize in the workshops is that the first years of getting started are expensive!  You have to put into it, to get anything out of it.  The positive is that I am able to deduct all of that on my taxes.  The negative is that I am now at the point that I am ready to take on a big project but don’t have the funding.  When I say big, I mean big for me at this point in time.  Some projects cost tens of thousands.  That’s not where I am….yet 🙂  The other negative is that it seems that most of the grants offered to artist/photographers are either specific to documentary and political photographers or they want you to have a significant body of work before they will commit to giving you anything.  Or there is one or two that are possibilities but they are not choosing again for another year.

On to my point.  In order to get the funding I need, I have decided to start a Kickstarter campaign.  I have thought long and hard about this project and am very passionate about seeing it come to life.  I am presently in the process of setting up my Kickstarter page so please keep an eye out for updates.  I am so excited about the possibility of all of this being a reality.  I sincerely hope you will follow along!



…”I’m holding up the fire
lighting up the sky
like a lighthouse on the ocean…”

The Lighthouse by Ziggy Marley

The Lighthouse by Ziggy Marley

She IS the lighthouse.  Have you ever been someone’s something…their strength, their hope, their protector, their courage?  I know I have been on both ends of that scenario and that’s okay.  Sometimes I feel like I need someone to just be there for me. Whether to comfort me, or calm me, and to reassure me when I have so many doubts about life, about what I have done with it and what I haven’t, or just during an especially difficult period (which we all have I think).  But at the same time, I have also been the person who is there for someone else…to reassure them and to support them when they needed it…and, somehow, that is always more fulfilling.

This song, Lighthouse, by Ziggy Marley makes me think of all of those things.  I don’t know a lot of Ziggy Marley’s songs, and I certainly plan to check out more, but this one caught my ear immediately.  It’s definitely not your typical Reggae sound, although it is still unmistakably Reggae, if that’s possible.  To me, it’s a combination of different sounds, reggae, pop, even orchestral.  The musicians he has accompanying him on this cd are top notch and I love the way the keyboard sounds like violins.  The whole song sounds to me like an orchestra is backing his vocals.  Who thinks orchestra when they think of Reggae?  I do now! ..and it’s also cool how he ends the song with the line from one of his dad’s songs….”One Love.”  Awesome Reggae for the soul!  #TIU!

Jealous of the Moon

“…you’re starin’ down the stars
jealous of the moon
you wish you could fly
just stayin’ where you are
there’s nothin’ you can do
if you’re too scared to try…”


Jealous of the Moon by Nickel Creek

Jealous of the Moon by Nickel Creek

“…with a beautiful sigh
and a river of lies…”

She wants to fly but can’t…her hands are tied; but they are only tied by her. She is the only one holding herself back because of her fear.  Fear holds a lot of us back…fear of failure, fear of the unknown, but failure can teach us so many things. A chance to learn what we did wrong, or what we are lacking, and fix it.   I would like to say that I am not afraid of trying anything, but, in actuality, sometimes I feel like I am afraid of everything. I push myself in countless ways, if there is something I want. Like going out to shoot in crazy outfits, or in dangerous places, or in front of people who probably think I am a nut, or showing my images at a photo club meeting. One of my favorite photographers, Brooke Shaden, has a tattoo on her arm…a quote from the novel Dune. It says “fear is the mind killer.” I believe that for sure. If it kills anything, it definitely shuts down your mind, from creating, from imagining, from dreaming of things that could be.

This image is inspired by the song “Jealous of the Moon” by Nickel Creek (written by Chris Thile and Gary Louris of the Jayhawks). Nickel Creek is the unbelievably, brilliantly talented trio of Sean and Sara Watkins (brother and sister) and Chris Thile. They have been making music together since they were children. Their songwriting, harmonies, voice quality, and just their instrumental genius blows my mind! I was SO lucky to see them come through Columbus this past summer and that show was perfection from the first note they played to the last; one of those shows where you keep thinking “I don’t want this to ever end.”

I know the girl in my image will pull the ties apart and fly.  Is there something that you are afraid of?  How did you overcome it? I would love to hear about it.

Thank you Nickel Creek! Listen below, and as always, turn it up!!

Don’t Say You Love Me

…since you’re so above me
and I’m way down here
leave your sugar on the shelf…

Don't Say You Love Me - Sean Watkins

Don’t Say You Love Me – Sean Watkins

My image depicts his “Queen of Assumptions” in her palace, bringing winter with her cold heart, looking down at the one who’s heart she has broken and leaving her “sugar on the shelf.”

Nickel Creek’s co-founder, Sean Watkins, has three previous solo albums before this newest one “All I Do is Lie.”  Glide Magazine says it may be his best independent effort to date.  I pulled this song from it because the lyrics just grabbed me and then the interwoven acoustic guitar, fiddle, and blue pedal steel just wrap around your brain and send it over rapids and down a beautiful waterfall.

Thank you so much Sean!  Listen below and turn it way up when it gets to the instrumental part in the middle.

Scroll down to the middle of the page and then scroll through the songs.  Double click on the song.  Enjoy!



…and you don’t know how to leave…
and you don’t know where to fly
and you don’t know what you feel
but you know it’s not satisfied…

Ladybird - Natalie Merchant

Ladybird – Natalie Merchant

To me, Natalie Merchant’s new song Ladybird is sort of dark and desperate, but also one of hope. The tale of someone who is no longer loved or no longer loves someone, and feels trapped. I tried to portray the sadness of this song with the darkness of my image, but I also wanted to depict hopefulness at the same time by showing that the bird has left her nest, getting ready to fly. Although she hasn’t flown away completely, it is a beginning, a start. The lost feathers are all the things that she has “got to lose.”

Natalie hasn’t put out an album of all original material since 2001, and I was so excited to listen to it after I heard this track on #mvyradio. Another elegant, so feminine song from her and her unmistakable voice hasn’t changed a bit. Thank you Natalie!

Listen here:


Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold

“Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold.” The Lone Bellow is without a doubt, my favorite album and band of 2013. Such a passionate band! They sing their hearts out!! Which is why I was so excited when I heard they were coming to Columbus to play in a little club downtown. It’s shows like that you don’t forget and I certainly won’t forget that one. Not to mention the realization that I will probably never see them in such a small venue for such a small ticket price ever again. Not to matter, the memory is still with me. If you are new to The Lone Bellow, listen to their first hit, “You Never Need Nobody.” – It will give you the perfect introduction to an unbelievable folk/country/soul sound.

Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold - The Lone Bellow

Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold – The Lone Bellow

I wanted to do a bit of a different interpretation with this image. The lines I have created are:

 …green eyes and a heart of gold,
all our money’s gone and the house is cold
and it’s alright, it’s alright…

…our song is not a dying dream
you’re not alone, you’re not alone

The green I’s raining down represent all their troubles (“the money’s gone and the house is cold”) – she is trying to run out of the “rain.” (away from the troubles). The umbrella – her protection, to show that she is “not alone.”  She has someone with her that loves her and everything will be “alright.” Her heart of gold she keeps safe with her wherever she goes… the “rain” can’t touch it because it is part of her.

This song reveals so much about a couple living in a city, trying to make their dreams come true. Having to struggle for that to happen must make it that much sweeter when it does, and what better young trio for that to happen to? Treat yourself to the outcome of an unbelievable 2013 band’s dream by listening below.  But be warned, you won’t be able to stop at just one song…or two…or three! Oh, why not just buy the whole cd? You won’t be sorry. Thanks Lone Bellow!!

Falling or Flying

“…Are we Falling or Flying, Are we Living or Dying, I Guess We’ll Never Know…”

 Sometimes when you find yourself in a particular situation (whether good or bad), it is hard to see it from the outside, hard to determine whether it is really a good thing or a bad thing. Is the glass half full or half empty. It really depends on how you choose to look at it. So many times a situation can seem so discouraging or negative, but something good comes out of it. A learning opportunity, a chance meeting, a new perspective, or a courage you find that you never knew you had. It can be a slow recognition, but eventually, you can see the outcome, or the “light.”


Falling or Flying – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

I created this image to be looked at two ways. Either one of these figures could be either “falling” or “flying.” How do you see them? The stars represent light and hope and the moon is to guide the way.

Not a song from 2013, but one that always produces an image in my head. It was featured in the show Grey’s Anatomy years ago, and I have been thinking about creating it for some time. I discovered Grace Potter a few years ago when I heard her song “Apologies,” an awesome, slow, love ballad. I immediately liked her and was lucky enough to catch her performing here in Columbus, opening up for The Black Crowes. She is so full of energy and such a great songwriter, how can you help but like her?

I hope I can always look at any situation as “flying.” Thanks Grace! Listen Below.  (I couldn’t find a video that was clear enough to really hear, so below is just a link to the song itself).