Each one of the photos in this series has a story that inspired it.  This one inspired by a story my long time best friend told me a while back.  I hope she doesn’t mind me repeating it, but it touched me and really made me think.  When she was a child, around the age of 12 I think, her 14 year old sister was killed in a car accident.  Of course, devastating to everyone, I think it hit her mother the hardest.  A few years ago, her mother was close to passing and the family was taking care of her at home.  Right before she passed, she called my friend to her side and said “I’m so sorry I blamed you for your sister’s death all your life.”

Regret can sometimes be something we carry with us our whole lives or possibly just something we realize when we are close to our end.  I know we all can’t escape having regrets about some things.  Hopefully, they are all small regrets.  In any case, it is the inspiration behind this photo.



On another note, I am thinking of changing the name of this series from Sorrow to something else.  The way I am feeling about it has been changing.  I am thinking of changing to to “The Heroes Among Us.”  What do you think.  Let me know.


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