Southeast Center for Photography

I just recently got back from a quick vacation on Tybee Island in Georgia.  Sometimes I just need a beach fix.  While I was down there, I had a chance to work on a few photos and it has been challenging.  I found out I am definitely not comfortable editing and painting a background of blue sky and water and sand.  Weird.  I am not used to that color palette or minimalism.  The sharp horizon line separating the sea from the sky makes me uneasy and distracts me.  I am not sure what to do with it so have been trying lots of things.  Luckily, I have only one shot with that background.  The others are in the dunes which make me more comfortable.  It was also quite the challenge to shoot with a baggie wrapped around my camera.  The wind felt like hurricane force and I was afraid the sand would end up inside my camera.  Most of the time, I enjoy the editing process so much more than the shooting process.   Anyway, I returned home to find out that my image “Disappointment” was accepted to the juried exhibition called The Narrative Portrait, at The Southeast Center for Photography in Greenville, SC.  What is so exciting about this particular show is the number of unbelievably talented photographers that frequent the shows at this gallery and the pretty well known judges they have judging their shows.  Check out their website to see what they have coming up and to see some amazing photography.  Just to be accepted is a win for me and I am so honored and excited!

SE Center for Photography LogoIf you have time, go to their website and check out the photographers they have listed that are part of the exhibit.  Especially check out Kathryn Oliver  and Emma Powell.  So inspiring!  If you are anywhere near Greenville, SC in the month of November, go see the show.  It will be up from Nov. 6 – Nov. 30th.    Peace.


2 thoughts on “Southeast Center for Photography

  1. Great News Angie! Congratulations! I enjoy also to hear your stories of how you capture your photos. You are truly dedicated to your art.

    Kindly, Megan Martin


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