Red Rain

I wish I hadn’t, but I read somewhere that Peter Gabriel was discussing why he wrote “Red Rain” and he said it was partly based on a dream that he had of wine bottles falling off a cliff.  It also involved him swimming in a pool of wine I think.  Anyway, I of course couldn’t get that image out of my mind (the cliff I mean), so I created this image.  After returning to the cliff location three times, I ultimately didn’t like the way it looked.  I am more comfortable with a very plain frame.  The cliff behind me was too busy.  So I replaced it with sky.  Also, you couldn’t really see the red rain coming down in front of such a dark background.

Red Rain - Peter Gabriel

Red Rain – Peter Gabriel

“…I’m bathing in…
red rain
coming down…”

Thanks Peter!!  Listen below and turn it up!


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