A tribute to the first song I ever listened to on my very first Sony Walkman way back when. Being that I absolutely love music, I had always dreamed of being able to listen to it on my commute into work.  While living in the Boston area, we started out with no car, so I would walk a mile or so to the subway station, take the train into the city, change trains at Park Street, and then walk another few blocks to work.  Sony came out with a portable tape player that I could carry with me.  I walked out my front door, put the portable headphones over my head, turned the volume all the way up, and pushed the play button.  “Hello…baby hello!” blared in my ears and I was in heaven. My world had just gotten a whole lot sweeter. Since then, I do very few things without taking music with me.  Thanks Elton and Sony!!!!

“…harmony and me
are pretty good company
looking for an island in our boat upon the sea…”

Harmony by Elton John

Harmony by Elton John



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