Take My Love

It can be hard to know what kind of impression we have on other people.  Sometimes I think we are hard on ourselves and think the worst when others are able to see us from a totally different viewpoint.  If I had to guess, I think this is the subject of this new song by The Lone Bellow – Take My Love.  I am not completely sure, but I really don’t think it matters because I am creating what I see and feel when I hear the song, and I think the artists would be happy with that.  I hope so.

Take My Love by The Lone Bellow

Take My Love by The Lone Bellow

“…you’re no broken record turning
you’re a wild melody
take my love…”

I love how much energy this new song from The Lone Bellow has. I just had to grab some of it and create this image! One of the places I listen to this song is in the gym while I am working out. I close my eyes, and every time I listen, I see and feel this image when they sing the quote above. I kept seeing this girl, jumping through a record, throwing hearts up into the air and every time I saw her, I felt like it was me jumping. Maybe that’s a little weird, but it’s what I see, so I couldn’t wait to create it.

Sometimes the images I see aren’t complete, and they can develop and change as I create them, but this one appeared to me with every piece in place…the colors, the mood, the way she is jumping is exactly how I see it in my head.

Thanks Lone Bellow!!

Listen to “Take My Love” at the link below. #turnitup!


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