Dearly Departed

“Well…you and I both know that the house is haunted…”

 "...I was lookin' for my crystal ball..."

“…I was lookin’ for my crystal ball…”

Okay, it just blows me away how such brilliant talent is getting younger and younger these days. I so respect it. I think taking advantage of such talent takes two things, a willingness to take risks and a driving “work hard” attitude. Shakey Graves is one of those young talents and with a completely unique style and sound, which I think is not easy with all the talent out there today. He tells of his humbling experiences in New York City’s open mic nights as well of his stint in LA acting (was on Friday Night Lights) for a spell. Now back in Austin, he is getting a LOT of attention and rightfully so! Check out his song “Dearly Departed” below and as always…turn up this so different and creative sound!

Next time, more brilliant crazy young talent!



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