Jealous of the Moon

“…you’re starin’ down the stars
jealous of the moon
you wish you could fly
just stayin’ where you are
there’s nothin’ you can do
if you’re too scared to try…”


Jealous of the Moon by Nickel Creek

Jealous of the Moon by Nickel Creek

“…with a beautiful sigh
and a river of lies…”

She wants to fly but can’t…her hands are tied; but they are only tied by her. She is the only one holding herself back because of her fear.  Fear holds a lot of us back…fear of failure, fear of the unknown, but failure can teach us so many things. A chance to learn what we did wrong, or what we are lacking, and fix it.   I would like to say that I am not afraid of trying anything, but, in actuality, sometimes I feel like I am afraid of everything. I push myself in countless ways, if there is something I want. Like going out to shoot in crazy outfits, or in dangerous places, or in front of people who probably think I am a nut, or showing my images at a photo club meeting. One of my favorite photographers, Brooke Shaden, has a tattoo on her arm…a quote from the novel Dune. It says “fear is the mind killer.” I believe that for sure. If it kills anything, it definitely shuts down your mind, from creating, from imagining, from dreaming of things that could be.

This image is inspired by the song “Jealous of the Moon” by Nickel Creek (written by Chris Thile and Gary Louris of the Jayhawks). Nickel Creek is the unbelievably, brilliantly talented trio of Sean and Sara Watkins (brother and sister) and Chris Thile. They have been making music together since they were children. Their songwriting, harmonies, voice quality, and just their instrumental genius blows my mind! I was SO lucky to see them come through Columbus this past summer and that show was perfection from the first note they played to the last; one of those shows where you keep thinking “I don’t want this to ever end.”

I know the girl in my image will pull the ties apart and fly.  Is there something that you are afraid of?  How did you overcome it? I would love to hear about it.

Thank you Nickel Creek! Listen below, and as always, turn it up!!


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