Don’t Say You Love Me

…since you’re so above me
and I’m way down here
leave your sugar on the shelf…

Don't Say You Love Me - Sean Watkins

Don’t Say You Love Me – Sean Watkins

My image depicts his “Queen of Assumptions” in her palace, bringing winter with her cold heart, looking down at the one who’s heart she has broken and leaving her “sugar on the shelf.”

Nickel Creek’s co-founder, Sean Watkins, has three previous solo albums before this newest one “All I Do is Lie.”  Glide Magazine says it may be his best independent effort to date.  I pulled this song from it because the lyrics just grabbed me and then the interwoven acoustic guitar, fiddle, and blue pedal steel just wrap around your brain and send it over rapids and down a beautiful waterfall.

Thank you so much Sean!  Listen below and turn it way up when it gets to the instrumental part in the middle.

Scroll down to the middle of the page and then scroll through the songs.  Double click on the song.  Enjoy!



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