Morning Song

“…even though I know there’s hope in
every morning song
I have to find that melody alone…

 …have to sing —
the melody —

 I think love and a broken heart are the number one most popular themes for songwriting. We have all experienced a broken heart in one way or another.  In the Avett Brothers Morning Song, I think they are not only singing about a broken heart, but the fact that we actually need to find our own happiness before we can make someone else happy. That there is “hope” at the start of every new day (“every morning song”), but you have to find what it is for you specifically…you “have to find that melody alone.” Maybe this all sounds way too analytical, and maybe I am totally off base about the meaning of their song, but The Avett Brothers are great songwriters, and their lyrics are very thought provoking.

Morning Song by The Avett Brothers

Morning Song by The Avett Brothers

In my image, the girl is alone. There are many podiums where others have sung to her in the past, but they are gone now. It is up to her to find that “melody alone.”

I really like the studio cut of this song better than their live versions (even though those are more personal) because on the studio cut, they have a chorus singing at the end; a chorus of their friends and family.  Some of which they will never be able to gather together again since one of the chorus members was their aunt who passed away after the song was finished.  That part really resonates with me and it really adds another dimension to the end of the song.   This part of the song is what I had in my head when I created this image.

So listen to the studio cut and turn it up at the end.  Thanks Avett Brothers!!


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