Heavy Heart

“…Cause I’ve got a heavy heart
heavy mind
sing a song for all I’ve gone and left behind

It’s weighing on me…”


I can feel the grass bend under my feet I can taste the air and I swear it was sweet

I can feel the grass bend under my feet
I can taste the air and I swear it was sweet

This is our Jam called them “beautiful and rugged,” which I think is an absolutely perfect, spot-on way to describe Jamestown Revival (I wish I thought of it). I’m a sucker for harmony, so maybe that’s why Jamestown Revival’s smooth, floating harmonies hooked me immediately! Wikipedia describes harmony as the use of simultaneous pitches, tones, notes, or chords. All I know is that these guys make it sound like it comes from heaven (so I tried to add a bit of that in my image). The song tells of a troubled soul, and they can really make you feel it in their melody and harmony. Oh…and the birds you hear singing in the beginning… they recorded from the front porch of a cabin in Utah where they recorded the album.   I tried to include as much of what they sing about into my image and, hopefully, in doing so, captured the mood as well.  The grass under her feet, the air, the dirt.  I hope I did their song justice…it is such a beautiful song.  If you do anything the rest of this year, get this cd, it will just make you feel good.

Jamestown Revival is another of the bands I discovered in 2013 and they are definitely in my top 3. So grateful I had a chance to go see them when they came through. Turn it up and listen to the way their voices blend together.

Thanks so much Jamestown Revival!




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