Ghost on the Shore

“…every eye on the coast every morn’ will remember
the sight of the ghost on the shore…”

Lord Huron’s haunting lyrics to the song Ghost on the ShoreI see the ghost as a woman, standing on a rocky shore, where “all who sail off the coast” see her.  With her billowing cape, she sings to the fishermen.  The song tells of the watery graves that lie under the earth and how the spirits come back to haunt the shore.

Ghost on the Shore - Lord Huron

Ghost on the Shore – Lord Huron

“Under the waves in the earth of an age
Lie a thousand old northerners’ graves
Deep in the night when the moon’s glowin’ bright
They come rising up into the night”

Although their latest album came out in 2012, and I didn’t discover it until the following year, they are definitely on my list of favorite bands of 2013.  Listen below to how to their lyrics paint pictures as their sound flows around you, and definitely check out their entire cd.  Looking forward to a lot more from them and hope they continue to make music!  Thanks Lord Huron!




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