Falling or Flying

“…Are we Falling or Flying, Are we Living or Dying, I Guess We’ll Never Know…”

 Sometimes when you find yourself in a particular situation (whether good or bad), it is hard to see it from the outside, hard to determine whether it is really a good thing or a bad thing. Is the glass half full or half empty. It really depends on how you choose to look at it. So many times a situation can seem so discouraging or negative, but something good comes out of it. A learning opportunity, a chance meeting, a new perspective, or a courage you find that you never knew you had. It can be a slow recognition, but eventually, you can see the outcome, or the “light.”


Falling or Flying – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

I created this image to be looked at two ways. Either one of these figures could be either “falling” or “flying.” How do you see them? The stars represent light and hope and the moon is to guide the way.

Not a song from 2013, but one that always produces an image in my head. It was featured in the show Grey’s Anatomy years ago, and I have been thinking about creating it for some time. I discovered Grace Potter a few years ago when I heard her song “Apologies,” an awesome, slow, love ballad. I immediately liked her and was lucky enough to catch her performing here in Columbus, opening up for The Black Crowes. She is so full of energy and such a great songwriter, how can you help but like her?

I hope I can always look at any situation as “flying.” Thanks Grace! Listen Below.  (I couldn’t find a video that was clear enough to really hear, so below is just a link to the song itself).






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