The One That Got Away

“…I miss the way you wanted me, When I was staying just out of your reach…” Sometimes a courtship is so much better than the relationship. Whether it ends messy and loud, or subtle and sad, sometimes the anticipation of something, just a taste of something, or just the mere thought of something is better than actually having it; especially when it turns into something ugly. And….who better to sing about it than The Civil Wars? Their harmonies, their back and forth, and especially their dynamics mirror the song itself.

I wanted to portray the whole song with this image, but especially the verse:

I got caught up by the chase
And you got high on every little game
I wish you were the one
Wish you were the one that got away

The One That Got Away - The Civil Wars

The One That Got Away – The Civil Wars

The balloon in the distance is “The One that Got Away,” playing the “game.”  She is caught up by the chase, not noticing the other balloons (the other lovers), past and future. The mist represents how we see a relationship before we are in it. Our reasoning is clouded. The colors I chose – muted, soft, earthy and calm,- all just a bit melancholy, but beautiful, represent how we feel much later, after we have had a chance to reflect.

Such a unique duo. Their voices, their style, their harmonies were so specific. You always know when it is The Civil Wars.  Since I am concentrating on songs or bands that made an impact on me in 2013, I thought it appropriate to do one of theirs since they broke up in 2013. What a disappointment.  So… I thought it would be best to create their song about breaking up. But I am so grateful that THEIR relationship happened (even if it was just musical), and that one or the other of them, didn’t end up being “The One that Got Away.”

Listen below. Thanks Civil Wars…we will miss you!




3 thoughts on “The One That Got Away

  1. This one is just beautiful, I love all of these!! What r u going to do with them? So amazing!


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    • The last three photos have been me. Dani is too busy with work and her two jobs. Had to start doing self portraits. It’s a wig 🙂 when I get better and get a good amount of work together, I will try to get into some galleries and then maybe teach some workshops. When I come down, I would like to try some underwater shots in your pool 🙂

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