The River


The River – Joni Mitchell
Model – Danielle Schumacher

We had a beautiful, early snowfall this year. The temperatures dropped way down and everything turned to an icy wonderland.  I’m a warm weather person and love the sun, but sometimes winter seems like a safe, healing rest; a quiet blanket of solace that covers the landscape.  I know it can also be unforgiving, but this is how I look at it when it first snows and is clean and new, so I jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of it at this time of year and do a holiday song.  What better Christmas song than Joni Mitchell’s The River?  I wanted to make the image look the way the song makes me feel when I listen to it.  Since the woman in the song lives in a warm climate, I picture her imagining herself in the snow with her skates, ready to skate away.  I think we all sometimes just wish we had a river to skate away on.

There are so many good covers of Joni’s song, and since I love covers, I had a hard time deciding on which link to post for this one.  Herbie Hancock performs with Joni singing, while one of his band members plays a gorgeous clarinet solo.  Tori Amos also does an awesome cover recorded live in Paris.  The list goes on…but in the end, I decided to post the original.  It is Joni in 1970.  She sounds so young and the song is so new – like winter snow.  Thanks Joni, for such a beautiful song!


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