Sowing the Seeds of Love


Sowing the Seeds of Love – Tears for Fears
Model: Danielle Schumacher

After finishing this week’s shot, I started thinking about song intros (because this one has a great one), and how they can be a separate thing altogether from the song.  There are so many good intros.  I bet if you think about it, you can think of at least one.  Just a few of my favorites are Roxy Music’s Love is the Drug, Soundgarden’s Fell on Black Days , and this week’s image, Tears for Fears’ Sowing the Seeds of LoveNot to mention those intros all lead into awesome songs!

I had to shoot this image twice because the first session ended up with the best shots being a bit too dark (and we couldn’t go to the same place the 2nd time around since after we had broken into a community garden, they built a large wooden fence to keep us out).   Unfortunately, the first session had excellent light (the hour right before sunset) where the light is just orange and  pink and glowing.  The second time we went out it was in the middle of a very cloudy gray day.  Cloudy days are also excellent times to shoot, but you can’t pull out those magical colors that I love.  In the end, it isn’t exactly the image that appears in my head when I hear the song, but  pretty close.

Thanks to Tears for Fears!  I think I will have to make another one of their songs into an image.  Great Britain has given us so many unbelievable musical artists, it’s just incredible!!  Here is the link.  Turn it UP and listen to the intro.  Isn’t it great?


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