Red & White & Blue & Gold

Okay, this took me longer than expected but I have finally finished the image of #AoifeO’Donovan’s #Red&White&Blue&Gold.  Being a Boston native, I was surprised to learn that Aoife O’Donovan was born in Newton, Mass., the same place as my boys – probably the same hospital!  I fell in love with the song and her voice the first time I heard it on #AcousticCafe.  After seeking out more music from her online, I found out that she spent her school-year summers in Ireland singing songs with her extended family and became interested in American folk music through artists such as Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. She graduated from the New England Conservatory, and has had songs on shows on HBO and ABC, done projects with AlisonKrauss, YoYoMa, I could go on and on.


Aoife O’Donovan – Red & White & Blue & Gold
Album – Fossils
Models – Allison Reid & Will Froliklong

I chose this song to create an image because not only did I love the song, but every line is an image to me.  I spent my honeymoon on a beach with fireworks.  It wasn’t the Fourth of July, but there was a band on the boardwalk, we had a few drinks, and I was with someone I am crazy about.  I chose to create my favorite verse from the song; “…I wanna float down a river with you, I wanna buy the farm.”   What a great line!  I have attached a video of her performing the song at the WNRN Station in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Listen for yourself.  It’s a bit difficult to hear her voice in the video …so turn it up…and listen for the line I have created.

It was a lot of fun creating this shot, but it took longer in post than I had hoped.  The location I had originally chosen proved to be, upon closer examination, not ideal.  The water was really dirty and there were ducks everywhere.  So…Plan B.  Although the water was great, the bottom was really muddy and as we moved, the mud got stirred up.  Needless to say, the water ended up more brown than blue, but I thought that gave it a kind of real country effect so I left it.  This song is on Aoife’s new album #Fossils.  Check it out!  Thanks Aoife!


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