Not Always as Planned

When I first started this journey, I had a lot of scattered thoughts in my head about what I wanted to create and accomplish.  I already knew the “why” of what I wanted to do…my love of music and these images in my head; but I have learned quite a bit since then.   One of the first shots I took didn’t come out at all as I had planned.  It didn’t portray the song as I had hoped but I still love the image and so I thought I would post it anyway.  Is there something that you may have started with a specific end result in mind, and ended up with something totally different but that you were happy with just the same?  I would love to hear about it.

I also wanted to mention that I couldn’t do any of this without the incredible models who pose in front of my camera.  So many photographers use themselves in their images.  I have tried this, but never like the results.  The models make it look so easy but really I think there has been only one shoot so far without bee stings, ticks, snakes, fence climbing, airless buses, the list just goes on.  They really help me make my visions come to life and are so willing to do the crazy things I ask of them.  I am so thankful for that!  These images just wouldn’t exist without them.

I have also decided to make sure to include a link to either a YouTube video or just the song for each image I post.  I don’t know why I didn’t do that from the start but I think it might really enhance the experience.  Let me know what you think.



5 thoughts on “Not Always as Planned

  1. i think this and the “time” picture are my favorite so far. This shot may not have captured the song you wanted in the way you planned, but it evolved into something else. I think what I find so captivating about it is even though you can’t see her face, there is still a lot of emotion conveyed in the body language. It feels like a sense of longing, almost like she’s in love… or you know, something like that 🙂

  2. I’ve always loved the concept listening to music, and then painting an image for each song. My first day in my first English class in college really started this infatuation. We all entered the classroom, anticipating what this new class and teacher would bring into our lives. Around the perimeter of the classroom were album covers (real vinyl covers). Most were familiar and some not so much.
    To be short here…The teacher gave us our first assignment after introducing himself and taking role. We were to pick an album cover and create a story based on the elements of the photograph. This exercise was in some ways similar to what you are doing on your blog and why I was attracted to what you are doing.
    It was a fascinating experience and it taught me a process of thinking I still use to this day.

    • Phil, thanks for taking the time to relay your thoughts.
      It makes me wonder where u went to college and if you remember which album cover you picked? Thanks so much for the comments! And,was wondering if you guessed any of the songs or lines from my photos?

      • Angie,
        OMG! That was 1975!! I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. I was studying architecture at Cal Poly Pomona and practically living in my cubical in the design lab.
        Like you I was (and still am) a huge fan of Simon & Garfunkel. I studied music before architecture and was musician for 3 years and Paul Simon was an inspiration. I loved the video and his standing ovation to the rendition of America.

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