When I picked my camera back up after a long time away from it, I wasn’t quite sure which direction it would take me.  I knew I wanted to do something with music but wasn’t quite sure in what way.  While on the net, I ran across an article about HDR photography and was immediately hooked.  The painterly, dreamy effect that is achieved from this method was exactly the way I always pictured things in my head.  It was definitely something I wanted to try.  When that image appeared on my screen the first time that I used my HDR software, I was blown away!  I thought I would post one of my early HDR photos here.  I like to look at the journey that has brought me to where I am now.  You will definitely see this painterly, HDR effect in many of my songs into images photos because I love it.

Statehouse Lanterns for web

On another note, I promised I would post some images of contemporary artists and I am working on that now.  I have chosen a song that I discovered earlier this summer by Aoife O’Donovan called Red and White and Blue and Gold.  You know when you discover a song that you love so much you play it over and over until you get tired of it?  This was one of those songs for me and I’m not tired of it yet.  Aoife has a gorgeous voice which reminds me a little of Alison Krauss without the chipmunk quality.  Sorry Allison, you are an unbelievable vocalist, but every once in awhile I hear a little Alvin.


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